Rizzini BR550 and Rizzini BR552 Deluxe

Rizzini BR550 and Rizzini BR552 Deluxe

6th Feb 2024

Rizzini, truly the makers of guns for every situation!

Rizzini firearms can vary wildly but they cover everything! For anyone who enjoys shooting Rizzini is sure to have something for you. Whatever you like shooting, from the traditional English side by side covered by the Rizzini BR550 series, to the modern styling of an over and under being covered by the Rizzini Artemis or the famous and beautiful Rizzini Regal. Everything is covered!

Rizzini has been making guns in Italy since 1966 and in that time they have developed a level of craftsmanship unrivalled by another brand. Stephen & Son gunmakers Ltd is a prime Rizzini dealer offering guns for off the shelf or bespoke items. As a Rizzini specialist we regularly see lots of these guns for routine servicing and its very rare that there is anymore needs doing past the routine items that can wear over time.

Rizzini shotguns don’t just do game guns, they cover every corner of the out to the competition guns like the Rizzini BR460 sporting gun with all of their guns being steel shot proofed and being customizable. They offer a wide range of styles, bores and combinations to suit most shooters and being a Rizzini dealer, at Stephen and Son Ltd we carry many options to show our commitment to the brand and our confidence in what they are making.

If you would like to know anything more about the brand and what they have to offer please do give us a call on 01525 643387 or contact us from the page on our website.