New at Stephen & Son Gunmakers - Caesar Guerini Invictus IX

New at Stephen & Son Gunmakers - Caesar Guerini Invictus IX

22nd Jan 2024

New in at Stephen and Son, the flagship from Caesar Guerini, the Invictus IX! The top of the range Invictus IX boasts deep, detailed engraving over the complete action, while also extending forward, with the Boss style forend.

This gun can be customised by adjusting the things you would notice during a day shooting, the trigger position and the gun opening stiffness because of the Caesar Guerini DTS system.

This, truly, can be a gun for any occasion, boasting extended multi chokes for a fine day shooting high pheasants in the heart of England or practicing on at the local clay ground while also being tested and stamped with the Fleur De Lys. This allows for a gun that could also be suited to those European shooting days where steel shot is required. Along with the sturdy triple lock, walnut style, hard case means you can travel with peace of mind knowing your gun will arrive exactly as it was packed away.

Caesar Guerini is so confident in their workmanship with the Invictus 9 that they boast a market leading 10 year warranty, ensuring that when purchasing a Caesar Guerini you aren’t just buying a gun you’re making an investment into the next decade and more of your shooting. This is further solidified by the Invictus systems long history of providing very long life on guns by integrating parts that, over decades, may wear so can be replaced ensuring that your action feels as solid as it did the day it left the factory.

This is done by adding more surface area to more evenly spread the shock load that passes through the gun after firing each cartridge to further reduce any wear on the gun overall. This gun has meticulously been reviewed, tested and developed to ensure that it will continue to serve you for many, many years to come. 

Here at Stephen and son, as well as being a Caesar Guerini dealer, we also have our own workshop so if for whatever reason this isn’t quite right out of the case, we can make it perfectly suited to you by making any adjustments necessary as well as offering servicing to make sure everything is working as it should.