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Gun Restoration & Finishing

If you are looking for gun refurbishing services, you have certainly come to the right place. Here at Stephen & Son, we specialise in rifle and shotgun restoration. Read on to discover more about our services and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries or concerns.

Gun restoration and finishing

With over 29 years of experience in the industry, including 22 years in the London gun trade, you can be sure that we have the knowledge and expertise needed to restore your gun effectively.

Traditional oil finishing of a new stock for a Beretta 12 bore shotgun.
Traditional oil finishing of a new stock for a Beretta 12 bore shotgun.

What does gun restoration entail?

Gun refurbishing and rifle restoration involve using a number of different techniques to bring guns back to their former glory. This includes rib repair, firing pins, re-jointing, gun bluing, oil finishing, cleaning, gun barrel blacking, striping, engraving restoration, and anything else that is required to restore your pride and joy.


What are the benefits of a gun restoration and finish?

Restoring a gun is important in terms of safety, performance, and durability. Moreover, getting your gun restored can help to take it back to its original appearance when it was first made. A lot of people come to us because they would like their gun to have some customised elements as well. This is something that we would be more than happy to help you with.

The dangers of failing to restore your gun

Is it safe to shoot an old shotgun? Definitely not!

If your gun is getting on a bit, restoration is vital for safety purposes, so do not overlook this.


How we restore old shotguns

We restore old shotguns using a meticulous process.

We use our extensive knowledge to ensure all guns are restored back to their original condition, often to look and function even better than the original.


The process of restoring a shotgun

Restoring a shotgun requires the meticulous reconstruction and repair of many different parts.

This includes stock checkering, case colour hardening, barrel browning, barrel bluing, oil finishing, engraving restoration, etc.

Oiling a restored shotgun stock
Oiling a restored shotgun stock

Can you restore a rusted gun?

Yes, with care and attention we can remove rust from your shotgun.


Common types of guns we restore

We are delighted to restore a wide range of guns, including various makes and models of rifles and shotguns.

We have experience with all of the industry’s most notable brands, ranging from Browning, Purdey & Sons, Miroku, Caesar Guerini, Perazzi, Chapuis Armes, Beretta, as well as the fine English shotguns such as Boss & Co, John Dickson and Son, Holland & Holland, Westley Richards, etc.

A complete renovation on old hammer gun Purdey & Sons under lever. New stock and forend made and a complete of the metal work. The result is simply superb.
A complete renovation on an old hammer gun Purdey & Sons under lever. New stock and forend made and a complete restoration of the metal work. The result is simply superb.

What is a gun finish?

Gun finishes are designed to protect the firearm and make sure it continues to function properly. There are many different finishes, including gun bluing, gunstock finishing and much more.

We can help you determine the right option for your gun.


Does restoring a gun hurt its value?

A lot of people are worried that the value of their gun will decrease if they get it restored. However, all great works of art need restoration. Just look at The Statue of Liberty!

So long as you choose a gun restorer with care, you can be sure that the value of your gun will not diminish.

How long does it take to restore and finish a gun?

Gun restoration can differ in terms of the timeline for the work required, as it depends on the extent of the restoration and the different services that are needed. When you bring in your gun, we will carry out an evaluation so that we can figure out the extent of the work that is needed. We will then give you our estimation of how long we expect the work to take.


How much does it cost to restore and finish a gun?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to give you a quote without knowing more about your gun. This is because there are many factors that can influence the cost of gun restoration. This includes the make and model of the gun, the age of it, the extent of the damage, and the restoration that is needed.

When you seek shotgun or rifle restoration from Stephen & Son, you can be sure that we will always provide you with an accurate and fair quotation for the service provided. There will not be any nasty surprises here!


Contact us

At Stephen & Son, we undertake full gun restorations and finishing for a range of shotguns and rifles. Give us a call on 01525 643 387 to upgrade your gun.

We also provide a wide range of other gun services for you to make the most of, including gun servicing and gun repairs, as well as gun restocking and gun fitting.

Stephen & Son Gunmakers has moved to new premises!

We are extremely excited to announce we have moved to our new, purpose-built retail premises in Leighton Buzzard. We have a fully-equipped workshop with professional gunsmiths, a spacious gunroom and a retail store selling country wear, cartridges and accessories.

Please visit us at:

5 Apex Park
Fraserfields Way
Leighton Buzzard

Off Leighton Road

Please note: The industrial estate is brand new and therefore, might not appear on your sat-nav. If you head along Leighton Road, you can't miss the new business park (on the left heading out of Leighton Buzzard towards the Rugby club).

We look forward to seeing you soon!