Stephen & Son Ltd. Official Blaser dealer.

Stephen & Son Ltd. Official Blaser dealer.

2nd Dec 2022

We are very proud to be an official dealer for Blaser. In our gunroom located in Leighton Buzzard you will find a selection of Blaser F3 and Blaser F16. We also stock their famous rifle, the Blaser R8.

Some Blaser will be available off the shelf or we can get exactly what you need in the specification you want. Also available will be the Blaser accessories, such as Blaser knifes, Blaser slings, Blaser shooting sticks etc.

We will make sure that every Blaser sold will fit properly, so a gun fitting check in our gunroom is included in the price. Any stock alteration can be made in our fully equipped workshop. Regarding the Blaser rifles we will fit the scope if needed, free of charge. We will also help to adjust the adjustable comb or the R8 Ultimate Adjustable Butt Pad if those options are taken. We have available in our gunroom a large variety of fine guns from different makers and it is with great pride we can offer the Blaser range to our customers.

The Blaser shotguns range

The most popular in UK are: Blaser F16 Game. Very compact action, very modern and reliable mechanism. The action is finished in Gun Metal Grey. The barrel selector is located inside the trigger guard, on the front of the trigger. The gun is fitted with a very nicely shaped stock, the grip is not too big and offer excellent comfort. Options are available like wood upgrades, adjustable comb, left handed stock etc. It is a very strong and well balanced shotgun.

Blaser F16 Sporting

At home on the clay shooting ground but some people like to use it in the field too!! Easy to recognise as the logo F16 is red instead of silver. The top rib is wider, barrels are available in 30″ or 32″, comes with adjustable weights in the stock to tune the balance like you want. Again many options are available, adjustable comb, Blaser barrels weights kit, wood etc. For both Blaser F16 Game and Blaser F16 Sporting a lady stock is available with negative butt end pitch for better comfort, Monte Carlo shape, shorter length of pull, smaller grip size and a higher comb.

Blaser F16 Heritage and Blaser Grand Luxe

For the game or clay shooters. For people who really want something different and special, with engraving, game scenes. Side plates are fitted on the Blaser F16 Heritage which is really suited for game scenes. The Blaser F3: With a different mechanism featuring linear guidance of the hammers and firing pins offering more energy and faster ignition. An anti-double discharged system is fitted for more safety.

Many models of Blaser F3 are available: F3 Competition, F3 Vantage, F3 Supersport, F3 Supertrap. Featuring different type of top ribs ,with side ribs or with floating type barrels. Different barrel lengths, forends and stocks, different calibers and more!! Be reassure that any Blaser can be fitted by us, we will make sure they fit you before you leave our gunroom!

The blaser rifle range

“One rifle, endless possibilities” The R8 offer a large choice of barrels in different calibres, many different stocks in different materials, Walnut, synthetic, with thumbhole, adjustable comb, adjustable recoil pad different finish of the receiver, and more!!!!

The most popular Blaser models are:

  • Blaser R8 Ultimate synthetic or Leather
  • Blaser R8 Ultimate Carbon / Carbon leather
  • Blaser R8 Professional / Professional Success / Professional Leather
  • Blaser R8 Monza
  • Blaser R8 Silence with the incorporated silencer (extremely well balanced rifle and very short)
  • R8 Professional Hunter

The list goes on. Many models are available standard or custom. The Blaser R8 is extremely popular in UK as it can be made fully adjustable. They are light, accurate and practical. It is german made, it’s quality!

Stephen & Son Ltd, official dealer for Blaser

At Stephen & Son Gunmakers Ltd you will not only find some Blaser on the shelf, you will meet a nice team of gunsmiths/gunmakers who work in a fully equipped workshop. You will get the right advises and a very good after-sales care.

Come to visit us or do not hesitate to contact us if you need some information.