Essential Info for Servicing, Repairing, and Perfecting Your Firearm at Stephen & Son

Essential Info for Servicing, Repairing, and Perfecting Your Firearm at Stephen & Son

29th Jan 2024

As the game season draws to a close for another year, we hope everyone has had a great year and had a chance to get out!

Its the time to start thinking about getting the guns serviced, repaired and adjusted if they need to be. If you found yourself with a sticky ejector, loose trigger or it just hasn’t seen any TLC in a while, now’s the time! Getting your gun in early allows us to get it back to you in perfect working order with plenty of time to space to practice on the local pigeons, no matter if they are clay of the feathered type! We can service the gun while giving it a good clean out at the same time, gun servicing and gun repairs is what we do!

While you were out, if you found yourself not connecting with the birds as you thought you would, it is worth considering getting booked in for a gun fitting to see if it might benefit you to have your stock adjusted to fit you better. Lots of the time guns can feel nice off the shelf but aren’t perfectly suited to you.

Here at Stephen and son we are a one stop shop for everything from shotgun, rifle and air gun servicing, stock adjustments and even go as far as to make woodwork to order, custom to your dimensions and we carry many blanks in store or can have something else sourced if you prefer that.

If anything needs to be done, rest assured we can almost certainly do it. Its up to you if you prefer to send your gun in from your local RFD or you pop down to the shop for a look around a chat with the team about what you would like done, please do get in contact. Either over the phone, email or in person we aim to keep people shooting, with a smile and at a reasonable price with a gun that fits you perfectly.