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Official Winchester Rifle Stockists

A brief history of Winchester

As official Winchester rifle and shotgun stockists, we know good quality when we see it. The Winchester rifle is an iconic gun that’s used by enthusiasts around the world. It has a complex history, originating in New Haven, USA, but moving multiple times over the last two decades.

Under new ownership in the 1990s, Winchester Firearms started moving in a new direction. It became part of the Herstal Group, and all the Winchester rifles since then have been in factories all over the world. This makes your specific rifle quite unique as it can be made in Belgium, Portugal, Turkey, Japan, or a mixture of facilities.

We also stock Winchester shotguns in the over-under and side-by-side variety. These shotguns include all the hallmarks of a Winchester product; exceptional design, attention to detail, and excellent performance. Winchester began making shotguns around the same time they produced rifles. This firearm offers an interesting alternative for any shooting enthusiasts.

Winchester shotguns provide a good spread that ensures you always hit your target. The build quality is such that you feel the weight of the shotgun in your hand and have fantastic control over your every move. It’s the perfect firearm for professional shooters and hunters alike.

Shown here a Winchester Select Energy Sporting. 12 bore. 30” barrels.
Shown here a Winchester Select Energy Sporting. 12 bore. 30” barrels. Adjustable comb. An excellent all-rounder for clay shooting. With a very distinctive chequering pattern on the stock and forend.

How do you buy a Winchester rifle or shotgun?

Winchester rifles and shotguns should only be bought from official and registered Winchester rifle stockists. Otherwise, there’s no guarantee that you’re buying a genuine Winchester product.

Stephen & Son is the number one place for Winchester products in the UK. We sell an impressive array of options for you to consider. Every single one is made out of robust materials and manufactured using top-class equipment.

You can buy brand new models from us, but we also offer second-hand Winchester rifles and shotguns. This is an excellent choice for many of our customers as you can save a lot of money. You still get to own a top-class rifle or shotgun, but the savings are impressive.

If you’re interested in learning more about our second-hand options, we implore you to contact us today on 01525 643 387. If you would like to see what Winchester guns we have in stock, take a look at our online gun room.

Our most popular products are the Winchester Select, Winchester Select Energy Sporting and the Winchester SX4. All three of these shotguns are available via our store, and they’re brilliant in a range of scenarios. No matter your needs, the Winchester shotgun collection is sure to satisfy them.

We fit, service and repair Winchester shotguns & rifles

Stephen & Son continues to deliver additional services outside of selling Winchester shotguns.  At our Bedfordshire workshop, we’re able to fit the shotgun or rifle for you.

Gun fitting is a vital part of the purchasing process. Many people will buy a rifle or shotgun and neglect to have it fitted. Then, you go out to use it and feel unsatisfied with how it feels.

When you buy a Winchester shotgun from us, we provide a free fitting service. Come to our shop to collect your firearm and you’ll have it fitted free of charge. We can make little adjustments to ensure the firearm fits perfectly. Now, you can shoot with more confidence and accuracy.

Winchester shotguns and rifles should also be serviced regularly to ensure they maintain a high level of performance. You can bring your gun to us whenever you want, and we will provide maintenance on it. Effectively, we service your gun like a mechanic services your car.

Our experts will inspect it from top to bottom and identify any potential problems. From here, we carry out repairs to leave your gun good as new.

If you need any of the aforementioned services, Stephen & Son is more than happy to help. Moreover, we provide Winchester shotgun or rifle servicing and repairs for anyone with this branded firearm. You don’t have to buy directly from us to get these services!

Contact us

As official Winchester rifle stockists, we’ll help you find the gun of your dreams. Our stock is ever-changing, so please get in touch if you’d like to make a purchase.

Pick up the phone and call us now on 01525 643 387 to enquire about pricing or availability. Alternatively, fill in this contact form with your details and any questions.

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Stephen & Son Gunmakers has moved to new premises!

We are extremely excited to announce we have moved to our new, purpose-built retail premises in Leighton Buzzard. We have a fully-equipped workshop with professional gunsmiths, a spacious gunroom and a retail store selling country wear, cartridges and accessories.

Please visit us at:

5 Apex Park
Fraserfields Way
Leighton Buzzard

Off Leighton Road

Please note: The industrial estate is brand new and therefore, might not appear on your sat-nav. If you head along Leighton Road, you can't miss the new business park (on the left heading out of Leighton Buzzard towards the Rugby club).

We look forward to seeing you soon!