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A brief history of Teague Chokes

Teague Precision Chokes were first introduced to the shotgun market in 1980.

Nigel Teague began his career working as an engineer for Rolls Royce, developing his skills and earning a passion for shooting.

He had one clear vision: to create a lightweight, thin-walled, choke system that could easily be swapped in and out on multiple guns.

Teague’s engineering experience and knowledge of luxury products served him in good stead. He developed a choke system that very quickly became revolutionary.

It offered something shooters had never seen before! The premium design and interchangeability set them apart from the rest.

A selection of different Teague Chokes
A selection of different Teague Chokes

Nowadays, Teague Precision Chokes fit over 27,000 guns and are widely regarded as the best in the game. The product itself has been refined over the years, ensuring that it meets the highest standards in both design and performance.

The latest models are lighter than ever before, yet more durable.

At Stephen & Son, we supply this product to fit all major brands of shotguns.

The manufacturing process of the Teague Chokes
The manufacturing process of the Teague Chokes


What is a Teague Choke?

A precision choke is designed to alter the distribution of the shooting pattern for your shotgun.

In effect, you can change the way your gun sprays its pellets when firing the shotgun. This is proven to be very popular amongst game and clay shooters.

With the right choke, you can create a desirable pattern that’s large enough to cover a wide area, yet dense enough to ensure multiple hits on the target.

Teague chokes are a specific brand of aftermarket chokes that you can fit on the end of your shotgun.

They’re manufactured out of premium materials to ensure they both look gorgeous and function perfectly. The sheer quality of these products ensures they are built to last and can be taken with you on multiple hunting or clay pigeon shooting trips.

Why do you need Teague Chokes?

Teague Precision Chokes come in numerous varieties to suit different guns and various shooting habits. Typically, you will find these variants available to purchase:

  • Extended
  • Flush
  • Ported
  • Super extended
  • Super extended ported

All of these chokes provide you with the benefit of better shooting. You can improve your accuracy, wasting fewer cartridges and hitting more targets. With Teague chokes, you also benefit from the lightest aftermarket chokes available. So, they give you enhanced shooting performance without weighing down your gun.

It’s well worth mentioning that greater pattern consistency isn’t the only advantage of using Teague Precision Chokes. They’re also designed to create less recoil, giving you more control when aiming and shooting. Overall, it’s the perfect shotgun accessory for any shooting enthusiast.

Where can I buy Teague Precision Chokes?

Stephen & Son sells brand new Teague Precision Chokes straight from the factory. We’re one of the leading stockists in the UK, with plenty of happy customers buying their chokes from us.

What’s more, we also sell plenty of shotguns from all of the big gun brands on our website.

To find out what shotguns we have in stock, take a look at our online gun room.

You can pair your Teague chokes with any shotgun sold by us. Or, if you already have a gun and want to improve its performance, we’ll gladly sell you a choke that fits its specific design.

Side by side shotgun, fitted with Teague Chokes flush models
Side by side shotgun, fitted with Teague Chokes flush models

Can I get my Teague Precision Chokes fitted and repaired?

We offer a gun repair service for anyone that needs it. Teague Precision Chokes are built to incredibly high standards using the very best materials. There’s a reason these products are seen as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of the shotgun world!

Nevertheless, damage can happen with repeated use – or due to a freak accident. If you feel like your Teague Precision Chokes have been damaged, please bring them to us as we offer an extensive repairs service.

Some new and old guns made with fitted chokes can be modified to receive the Teague Chokes if the wall thickness of the barrels is thick enough. If the wall thickness of the barrels is thick enough, those top-quality chokes can be fitted.

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Are you interested in purchasing Teague Precision Chokes? If so, it’s important to find a reliable and experienced stockist.

Stephen & Son offer a brilliant range of products and can provide advice on which choke to buy for your gun. We’re committed to ensuring every customer walks away with a product that makes them happy and improves their shooting skills.

Feel free to contact us today on 01525 643 387 to enquire about pricing and availability. A member of our team will be quick to pick up the phone and speak with you. Alternatively, visit our contact form.

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