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Official Schultz & Larsen Rifle Stockists

A brief history of Schultz & Larsen

Schultz and Larsen rifles are manufactured in Denmark, and they’re widely considered one of the best options on the market today. The Schultz & Larsen brand is synonymous with quality – the company has been in operation for over 100 years!

It was founded in 1880, in the small Danish town of Otterup, by Hans Schultz and his son-in-law Niels Larsen. Interestingly, Schultz and Larsen were well-known in Denmark as competitive shooters. They competed at an Olympic level and decided to turn their passion for shooting into a business.

With lots of knowledge and expertise on what it takes to shoot a rifle, the two were perfectly positioned to create a product that wowed the market.

S&L rifles selection. One traveller model with synthetic stock and one classic model fitted with an S&L silencer.
S&L rifles selection. One traveller model with synthetic stock and one classic model fitted with an S&L silencer.

While the company has changed hands since then, the passion for excellent marksmanship remains. Schultz and Larsen rifles are known throughout the world for their incredible accuracy.

Every rifle in the range is carefully crafted to feel comfortable and respond to the user’s every movement.

One of the main features of a Schultz & Larsen rifle is that all the barrels feature cut rifling. Cut rifling generates no stress in the barrel material, unlike button, broach or hammer forged barrels. This means the rifle group does not start to change with heat-induced torque.

That is why Schultz & Larsen barrels are the most accurate you will see anywhere. When creating the cut rifled barrels, it takes 1.5 to 2 hours to cut, compared to minutes when creating a hammer forged barrels.


We believe Schultz & Larsen are the only gun manufacturer using cut rifled barrels on a production rifle. There may be one or two other gun manufacturers using cut rifled barrels, but they are normally found on a small number of custom rifles.

These rifles are very much created by professionals, for professionals. However, they are still extremely popular amongst hunters, hobbyists, and target shooters.

Schultz and Larsen create a range of options geared towards different shooting styles. Their current range of products includes the Classic, Victory, Ambassador and Legacy.

While each option has different specs and can be customised to include a specific calibre or stock options, they all retain the elegance of a Schultz and Larsen rifle.

At Stephen and Son, we’re an official Schultz and Larsen stockist and we sell a variety of their best rifles.

The quality is exceptional; top quality steel is used throughout, and they only use the best materials during the manufacturing process. Schultz and Larsen rifles always impress in how prestigious they look. This is a gun you can wear with pride – it’s one that will turn heads!

Visit our online gun room to find out what Schultz and Larsen gun we have in stock.

As well as unrivalled accuracy and a phenomenal build-quality, these rifles are very lightweight. Some of the options will weigh as little as 3.6kg, making them the ideal hunting rifle if you’re walking around for hours on end.

Where can I buy second-hand Schultz & Larsen rifles?

Stephen & Son sell second-hand Schultz & Larsen rifles for anyone that’s looking to improve their shooting ability.

Regardless of whether you hunt or shoot targets, you need the best rifle for the job.

You need to feel confident that your gun is as accurate as can be and responds to your actions. This is what makes Schultz & Larsen rifles so popular!

You should only buy second-hand rifles from an approved stockist.

The S&L is the perfect rifle for stalking
The S&L is the perfect rifle for stalking.

We have been in the industry for years, buying and selling all of the top brands around. If you’d like advice on which Schultz & Larsen rifles to buy, we’re more than happy to help. Our team is passionate about guns, so we love speaking to customers about their wants and needs.

With a second-hand purchase from us, you can own a piece of Danish marksmanship history at an affordable price.

S&L perfectly engineered and a great quality rifle made in Denmark
S&L perfectly engineered and a great quality rifle made in Denmark.

Is it possible to service, repair or fit my Schultz & Larsen rifles?

We provide a range of aftercare services for all of our customers. This includes regular servicing for your Schultz & Larsen rifle. Bring it to us as often as you want, and we will inspect every single inch.

We take apart the rifle, test every part, and ensure it all works accordingly.

If we spot any problems, we can make repairs straight away. You’ll have a rifle that works efficiently and lasts a much longer time.

Even if you didn’t buy your Schultz & Larsen rifle from us, we provide servicing and repairs if you need it.

Furthermore, we throw in a fitting service for free when you make your purchase. You will come to collect your rifle, and a member of our team will meet you and fit the gun.

We check every little element to be sure the gun fits you perfectly. If adjustments are required, we carry them out right there. The end result is a rifle that correctly fits and feels comfortable!

Get in contact

If you’re looking for an official Schultz and Larsen stockist in the UK, we’re the number one place to go. Our years of experience help us provide a service like no other.

Call us today on 01525 872 522 to enquire about the latest Schultz and Larsen rifles or to discuss pricing.



Stephen & Son Gunmakers is moving to new premises!

Within the next couple of months we will be operating from our new, purpose-built unit. We will have a fully equipped workshop with professional gunsmiths, a spacious gunroom and a retail store selling country wear, cartridges and accessories.

Our new address will be:

5 Apex Park
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Don't worry, we are still open from our current address in Harlington for any of your gunsmith needs. If you would like to hear more about our exciting news or have a gun-related enquiry, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.