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Official Rizzini Shotguns Stockists

A brief history of Rizzini

Almost midway between Milan and Venice, right at the top of Italy, you will find the province of Brescia. This area is famous for many things, namely its association with gun manufacturing. All of the biggest names in the Italian shotgun industry have factories here – including Rizzini.

As Rizzini shotgun dealers, we know all too well the quality of these products. Established in 1966 by Battista Rizzini, Rizzini soon became a world-renowned brand in the shotgun industry. The company produces sporting arms designed for recreational and competitive use. They include an array of over-under products and side-by-side shotguns, giving an excellent variety for the user.

Shown here 2 Rizzini shotguns Over & Under, Rizzini Regal 12 bore and Rizzini EM Deluxe 16 Bore.
Shown here 2 Rizzini shotguns Over & Under, Rizzini Regal 12 bore and Rizzini EM Deluxe 16 Bore. Their round body Actions make them very elegant. The Rizzini game guns are always nicely engraved. The walnut for the stocks are nicely selected, the shapes of grips and butts are very close to perfection. They do feel good when you mount them to your shoulder. They are great Italian shotguns that are very well finished.

The Rizzini factory contains revolutionary CNC equipment to ensure every part is manufactured on-site. This means all Rizzini guns are 100% made in Italy, adding to their authenticity.

Make no mistake about it, Rizzini is a premium brand that commands respect in all four corners of the globe.

The craftsmanship is what sets Rizzini apart from many other gun manufacturers. This makes them an excellent gun for all types of people to use.

The materials are carefully selected to provide users with the ideal weight balance.

The shotguns aren’t overly heavy, but they don’t feel light or cheap. As a result, you have more control over the gun and feel as though it responds to your every move.

Rizzini shotguns are a class apart and should only be bought from registered Rizzini shotgun dealers. Stephen & Son proudly sells an array of brand new guns from this prestigious manufacturer. Take a look at our online gun room and you will see the models currently available to purchase.


As you would expect, all the shotguns maintain the highest level of quality and are shipped to us from the Rizzini factory in Brescia. They pass stringent quality-control checks and tests to ensure they work perfectly.

Many of our customers are competitive shooters that trust Rizzini because of the expert engineering in each gun. Similarly, we have customers that use these guns for game shooting or recreational clay shooting. Regardless of your needs, Rizzini shotguns are going to provide an excellent shooting experience.

Can you buy second-hand Rizzini shotguns?

At Stephen & Son, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading Rizzini shotgun dealers in the UK.

We sell a range of Rizzini shotguns, but the most popular are the Rizzini RB regal, Rizzini EM lux, Rizzini RB500 50, Rizzini EM and the Rizzini Artemis model. Consequently, our service doesn’t end with brand new shotguns.

We appreciate that the premium-design of these sporting goods makes it hard for everyone to afford them.

While they are most certainly worth the price, you might be keen to own a Rizzini without spending the full amount.

You’ll be pleased to know we sell second-hand Rizzini shotguns as well.

A stunning Rizzini RB550 16 bore side-by-side. A very elegant shotgun with a round body action, fully engraved and a nicely figured walnut stock.
A stunning Rizzini RB550 16 bore side-by-side. A very elegant shotgun with a round body action, fully engraved and a nicely figured walnut stock.

They maintain the superb quality, and we hand-check each and every model that we sell. Again, this ensures that the quality remains as high as possible, giving you a second-hand model that feels good as new.

If you’d like more information on our second-hand stock, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01525 643 387 or send us an email at enquiries@stephenandson-gunmakers.co.uk. We’re more than happy to talk about our current offerings and help you find the perfect product.

Shown here two stunningA Rizinni RB 550 .410 calibre side by side and A Rizinni EM .410 calibre Over & Under.
Shown here two stunning Rizinni shotguns. A Rizinni RB 550 .410 calibre side by side and A Rizinni EM .410 calibre Over & Under. Both richly engraved and fitted with well-figured sticks and forends. They are round body models which make them very elegant and suits the engraving. Both are single trigger and multi chokes.

Can I have my Rizzini shotgun repaired, fitted and serviced?

As experienced gunmakers, we understand that things don’t always go to plan. No matter how good a shotgun is, things can happen that lead to damages. Thankfully, we offer a Rizzini shotgun repair service.

Bring your gun to us, and we will inspect every inch to find the source of your problem. From here, we repair the product to ensure it works correctly once more.

Likewise, we also service Rizzini shotguns. We definitely recommend that you bring your gun in for servicing at least once a year. This lets us inspect the product and provide ongoing maintenance.

In turn, it will help your shotgun perform at peak capacity and stay in excellent condition for as long as possible.



To round off our services, we provide a free fitting serviceĀ for everyone that purchases a Rizzini shotgun. When you come to collect your shotgun, we will fit it for your body. This lets you walk away, knowing that the gun fits perfectly and is adjusted for your shooting style.


Get in touch with Rizzini shotgun dealers today

If you’re interested in buying brand new or second-hand Rizzini shotguns, get in touch with us today on 01525 643 387. We can discuss your needs and inform you of pricing and availability. Plus, our shotgun experts are always keen to provide advice if you need help choosing a product!



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