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Official Fabarm Shotgun Dealers

A brief history of Fabarm

Fabarm was established in the early 1900s by the Galesi family. The factory finds itself in and amongst the Brescia region of Italy. This area is known by many as the spiritual home of shotguns.

Many of the world’s top shotgun manufacturers find themselves here, creating what is known as the Brescian dynasty. Generations of families work here to produce the best shotguns in the world.

Side by Side Fabarm Classis 20 bore multi chokes and single trigger.
Side by Side Fabarm Classis 20 bore multi chokes and single trigger. Proofed for steel shots even with 3/4 and Full chokes. A very robust, well finished and affordable shotgun.

The full name of Fabarm is Fabbrica Bresciana di Armi, which translates as Arms Manufacturer in Brescia. Production of Fabarm shotguns exploded after the Second World War, leading to a range of both over-under and side-by-side products launched by the company.

Since then, Fabarm has gone from strength to strength and established itself as a leading arms manufacturer in the world.

As Fabarm dealers, we appreciate the sheer beauty of these products. They’re made with the typical style and finesse of an authentic Brescian shotgun. The detailing is impeccable, as is the functional design of the barrel and stock. The manufacturing quality makes them some of the best shotguns available.

A multitude of options is available to suit your specific needs. The intricate detailing on the stock is unique to Fabarm, and the trigger control is excellent. Whether you shoot competitively or just want a shotgun for recreational hunting, Fabarm shotguns are perfect for you.

Fabarm is one of the oldest shotgun manufacturers in Italy. As such, much can be said about its ability to continue producing exceptional models decade after decade. The company continues to evolve, yet doesn’t lose its sense of history. This is reflected in the most recent products that retain modern materials but with the more typical style of yesteryear.

Where can I buy Fabarm shotguns?

Stephen & Son are Fabarm dealers in the UK, offering a broad range of products to purchase. Our most popular Fabarm shotgun are the Fabarm Elos, Fabarm Classis, Fabarm Axix, Fabarm L4s Sporting and the Fabarm XLR Water Fawler.

We sell brand new Fabarm shotguns that are manufactured and delivered from the factory in Brescia. Each product goes through a rigorous testing procedure by Fabarm, ensuring it meets the very high quality-control standards.

This ensures you have a gun that adheres to current safety regulations and performs to a very high standard.

Furthermore, we also provide second-hand Fabarm shotguns. Many customers are extremely happy with the second-hand products as they provide the typical Fabarm quality at a more affordable price.

Again, all of our second-hand models are tested and quality-checked before we sell them.

Fabarm XLR Waterfowler 12 bore.
Fabarm XLR Waterfowler 12 bore. With synthetic stock and camouflage effect on the stock, forend and barrel too. An excellent semi-automatic proofed for steel shots even with tightest chokes. Very well-engineered and reliable.

It’s our mission to deliver the best range of options for our customers. Fabarm is such a well-known and trusted brand, so it’s a shame that some customers can’t afford a brand new one. Instead, the second-hand options give you a chance to become the owner of a fancy Fabarm shotgun. To find out what Fabarm shotguns we have in stock take a look at our online gun room.

Shown here the new 20 bore Fabarm Elos B2 Field.
Shown here the new 20 bore Fabarm Elos B2 Field. An extremely well-made shotgun Over & Under and amazingly affordable. Proofed for steel shots even with 3/4 and full chokes! Very compact and pretty light too.

Can I get my Fabarm shotgun fitted, serviced and repaired?

When you buy a Fabarm shotgun from us, you’re instantly entitled to a fitting service. This is free-of-charge and will help you fit the shotgun to your person.

As gun-making experts and long-time Fabarm dealers, we know how to fit this product for every customer. Come to our workshop, and we’ll make any necessary adjustments to make sure your gun fits. Now, you can shoot with more comfort and control!

Additionally, we’re more than happy to service your Fabarm shotgun as required. We recommend that anyone who buys a Fabarm shotgun from us returns at least once a year for servicing.


This helps keep the shotgun in excellent condition and ensures you continue to get wonderful value for money. Even if you didn’t buy a Fabarm from us, we can still provide bespoke servicing.

Similarly, we conduct repairs on all Fabarm models. If your gun has a fault, bring it to our shop.

Contact our team to book in an appointment, and we’ll take the model off your hands. From here, our gun-making expertise comes in handy as we can strip down the gun and provide a detailed inspection. In turn, we identify the faults and fix them for you. When the repairs are finished, we call you back in to collect your gun.

Contact us

Fabarm is a top-tier brand that makes elite-quality products. As such, we always recommend you buy your guns from a licensed Fabarm dealer. If you’re interested in purchasing brand new or second-hand Fabarm shotguns, please get in touch with us today by calling 01525 643 387.

Call us now, and we can chat with you about availability and pricing.

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Stephen & Son Gunmakers has moved to new premises!

We are extremely excited to announce we have moved to our new, purpose-built retail premises in Leighton Buzzard. We have a fully-equipped workshop with professional gunsmiths, a spacious gunroom and a retail store selling country wear, cartridges and accessories.

Please visit us at:

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Off Leighton Road

Please note: The industrial estate is brand new and therefore, might not appear on your sat-nav. If you head along Leighton Road, you can't miss the new business park (on the left heading out of Leighton Buzzard towards the Rugby club).

We look forward to seeing you soon!